Peter Boven

Do you remember that initial Entrusted meeting?  We travelled out to the Milestone building in the early Spring, not really knowing what to expect.  All the men in the church had been invited to participate and hundreds of us were in attendance.  The lights dimmed and the video screen came alive with an exciting motivational video…  it depicted men in dangerous situations and doing daring things.

The message that came next wasn’t asking us to emulate the men we had just seen on the screen. We weren’t encouraged to imitate or copy their behaviours. But we were asked to consider our own roles as men in the church. 

Sitting there, some of us were husbands, some were fathers, perhaps grandfathers, or uncles, brothers, sons, friends… to so many people in our neighbourhoods, in our cities. And we were asked to consider what influence we were having on the people around us.  What impact?  What would be the legacy of our relationships?  Were we happy with the fruit coming from our lives?

Rather than simply copying the example we had seen on screen, but we were challenged to consider the conviction and the courage that was displayed, and to ask ourselves if that courage may be missing from our own lives.  If we found that courage was in short supply, we could then accept the invitation to join this new men’s initiative called Entrusted.

Entrusted, it was explained, was an initiative where we would meet in small groups on a monthly basis to talk honestly with each other and encourage each other to meet a goal of personal growth before the next meeting.

Our group consisted of five men, all different in ethnic background, age and station in life. We met and discussed our lives as Christian men.  The first time, for me anyway, was a mix of anticipation and excitement and nerves.  Anticipation and excitement because of the hope that we would be able to really connect and help each other. A little bit of nerves because of the unknown tasks I knew we would receive.

Happily, the connections were built over the time we were together and they would be deepened in the coming months.  It was exciting to be challenged and celebrate achieving our goals. In a pratical and meanginful way, we had been taught about our identity as Christian men in that first small-group meeting.

In the coming months, we learned about and were challenged to put into practice Integrity, Intimacy, Courage, Rewilding, Devotion, and Influence to go along with Identity. At the end of most meetings, I felt as if we could have stayed and discussed the topic even longer. I cannot claim to have completed the challenge given each month, and it was humbling to admit my failures when we came together at the following meeting. But the honesty of the men who had also fallen short was refreshing and motivating. As for the months when I did accomplish the goal, well that was exciting!

 I could see, and I’m sure all of us who participated in Entrusted could see, that the challenges given each month, the personal stories we shared, the honest talks we had and the scriptures that continually call us to grow as men in God’s church — all of these things are available to us anytime we want.  But we need to humbly reach out to God and each other, realizing that He has ENTRUSTED us with a sacred task: that of offering the gospel to a lost generation, knowing that He and our brothers will be with us as we work together for Him.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions.