The Toronto Church of Christ is a big church made up of three smaller ministries throughout the Greater Toronto Area: Toronto Church, Milestone Ministries and West Church.


The Toronto Church of Christ is a dynamic group that aims to help ordinary people on their journey with an extraordinary God, so they can:

• begin and cultivate a connection with God that is authentic and meaningful
• demonstrate a stunning and contagious love towards people around them
• discover God’s unique purpose and plan for their life.


People in the GTA will come to know the Toronto Church of Christ as a safe place to explore, discover and grow their relationship with God at every stage in life.


We are guided by core biblical values that shape the way we think, act and carry out God’s ministry:

Everyone is welcome at the Toronto Church of Christ! Yes, everyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity, abilities, or socioeconomic status.

We enjoy assuming the role of “student” in our relationship with Jesus Christ. He has saved us and is Lord of our lives. Jesus’ example in the Bible is what we strive for.

We are a group of believers that intentionally care for each another and we aim to have a genuine impact on the community in which we live.

We joyfully give of our time, energy, abilities, special talents and finances to help make an impact locally and around the world.

God offers each of us unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness even when we fail and deserve it least. He covers our sins through Jesus Christ’s actions on the cross, and in response, we offer the same forms of grace to one another.