The Toronto Church of Christ is seeking an experienced ministry couple to serve in the role of Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader for it’s West Region. The Toronto Church comprises 1000 members and the West Region is an essential part of it with a membership of 220 committed disciples.

A predominantly suburban demographic, the region’s present needs are spiritual care and involvement with the majority mature membership while engaging in the opportunities of rapid growth in younger adults, college and university students, youth ministry and children’s ministry. As always, a high priority is placed on presenting the gospel of salvation to those searching for the Lord in this city.
This is a “church builder” role that must take into consideration past-experience in ministries of similar size and diversity, with deep faith, character of a life worthy of imitation, preaching the word and a willingness to humbly align with the Senior Leadership Team of the Toronto Church of Christ.

We welcome interested applicants to make contact at and provide a Resume/CV and previous ministry references by September 21, 2017.
First interviews will be a conference call with members of a regional Representation Team and the Senior Leadership Team of the Toronto Church.


Leader Ministry Couple for West Church—Criteria Summary

Role/Focus—The lead minister meets the requirements of an evangelist (2 Tim 4:2-5), makes Christ’s mission to seek and save the lost a high priority and is a competent public speaker capable of engaging all generations of disciples. He is able to “preach” and is not afraid to use God’s Word to call people higher. Both the man and woman are able to provide appropriate counsel and direction to the members.

Character—The ministry couple should have a great relationship with God, are genuine in faith, walk humbly with God, evidenced by a consistent prayer life. They are also tenacious in spirit and unyielding in their desire to get God’s people “home”. They are worthy of imitation and meet the requirements of deacons (1 Tim 3:8-13). They maintain good church / family life balance and have been esteemed examples among their previous congregations. They possess deep core convictions, respect authority, are relational rather than positional in their leadership style, are willing to seek advice, consult with others before making important decisions and are open to feedback from others regardless of their position.

Experience/Proven Capacity—The lead minister is a church leader and evangelist with experience in leading congregations of similar diversity and size to West Church. He is especially competent in scriptural knowledge and ability to guide the congregation in biblical teaching and spiritual growth. Preferably, the evangelist possesses a theological post-secondary degree from a reputable and accredited institution. The wife must have been active in ministry, is capable of teaching and looking out for the needs of the women in the congregation.

Both the man and the woman are able to confidentially manage the ministry, appreciate the needs of the church and grasp its history and evolution. Together, they stand firm on strong convictions built from scripture and are comfortable sharing those convictions and scriptures with the congregation on a regular basis.

Alignment with Senior Leadership—The couple will be on par with the other two region leaders in the Toronto church, can operate well within the collaborative team environment of the SLT, the elders and the staff. Similar to most of our sister churches, as a peer region leading couple, they will sometimes be required to follow a leader (or coleaders) who facilitate discussions, or serves as spokesmen. Most of the time the leader of West Church will contribute on equal footing with the other region leaders. Everyone is expected to humbly challenge, be challenged, and discuss changes or issues facing the Toronto Church of Christ within the SLT in a manner that is respectful, while navigating occasional church politics.

The leader is committed to working with the Toronto Church board of directors and administrator as well as practicing transparency and regular disclosures to the congregation on financial budgeting, allocation of funds and use of resources. The couple is teachable, reasonably self-aware and open to mentorship both inside and outside the church in pursuit of individual growth and overall unity.